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Top Tips to Hire Best Software Developers for Your Company

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If you are leading a software development firm looking to hire Software Developer Dubai or from other parts of the world or if you are a startup offering software development services, then it is your job and need to select bright and talented software developers. But looking at the situation, in which there are so many new technologies coming to the market each other day and sheer number of software developers available in the market it is not an easy job to screen, select and hire best of them for your company. If you fail to hire right developers, then it can bring down the morale of your team and even some of them may choose to leave your company to join some other company. In this article, we are going to discuss about the tips which may help you in your software developers’ hiring process. These wisdoms come straight from the experienced developers, project managers and entrepreneurs. For example, you should know how to hire smart candidates and why it is necessary. By reading this article, you will definitely become more confident and more informed about how to hire bright software developers into your organization. It will also bring down your frustration level if you are tired of looking for right developers and will certainly motivate you so that you can follow the right approach and become successful in hiring the best developers. Let’s start the process.

Hire A Software Developer Who is More Intelligent Than Yourself

It is a good idea to look for more intelligent and more smart developer than you are. This is a perfect tip to build a successful company as it will trigger a process of hiring more and more smarter people into your company which will make it great and a center of highly intellectual people in years to come. You just have to focus on hiring A-level software developers during the startup phase and you will be amazed to see the similar or even better talent is coming into your company after that. This will setup a process which will continue in the years to come. This same process has been implemented in so many large software development organization and they have achieved success through that.

Ask Developer How He Will Face and Resolve a Real-Life Technology Problem

Many people just check the developer’s coding skills when they Hire Software Developer or when they follow the selection process. This is not the best way to do that. Rather give the developer a Real-Life technology problem your company has faced and ask him how he will handle it and resolve it in the least possible time. This will tell you a better idea about his skills and creativity level when he will really work on a project in your company and you can better decide whether he is best fit for the type of projects that you have and likely to entertain in future or not.

Be Flexible with The Programming Language and Tools

This is a fast paced world where new programming languages and software development tools come almost each year. If you are still asking – “how you will reverse a string in Java?”, then you are not doing the best thing. Rather you should focus on the algorithms. Focus on how the candidate approaches a problem. It is found that it is easier for a great problem solver to learn a new programming language or developer tool compared to learning the problem-solving skills for a master of a one or two languages.

Have One More Person Interview the Candidate

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It is good that you are in the software developer hiring process. But don’t let it to just one person only i.e. you who is responsible for evaluating the software developer. Even if you find the developer fit for the role still ask one more person from your company to interview the candidate. Sometimes we don’t know but we have some biases hence when multiple people will interview the candidate then the best performer of the two will join your company and it will have more chances of hiring a more talented software developer into your organization.

Check the Communication Skills of the Candidate

Many people believe that communication skills don’t matter much when you are hiring a software engineer. But remember that most of the project work of todays are not done by one developer rather there is a whole team which work on a project. Hence the developer should not only be a good team player but he should also have excellent communication skills. Otherwise he will not be able to fit properly and work effectively in a team in your company.

Don’t Give Too Much Weightage to the Resume

There have been many examples when a candidate looks great based on his resume but didn’t perform well in the interview process or while doing the project work later on. On paper many candidates may look to you amazing but they may not possess such great skills hence look at all other areas and processes while hiring the software developer.

Hire Someone Who is Passionate About Doing Projects

Everyone wants an enthusiastic software engineer. Hence ask the developer about his favorite projects and how he handled them. If he is passionate about his work, he will explain to you in detail about his best projects and how he handled the work and challenges. While you are looking for someone who can code but at the same time make sur that he is highly passionate and motivated about his work.

Make Sure the Developer Can Write Clean Code

Writing clean code is also a skill and an art which a software developer should possess. Many people don’t give it much importance while hiring but remember if the developer writes messy code then it will be very difficult to collaborate with him no matter how good he is at other skills.

Don’t Give Too Much Importance to Experience

If you need to hire a developer to work on something which is repetitive, sure, more experience can help however in software engineering especially if you are a startup, you need a developer who can think out of the box and handle new problems effectively and resolve them quickly. Sometimes it has also been seen that more experienced developers tend to become stubborn when it comes to optimizing a process as they already know some way to write code for it and they don’t try to think differently and innovatively.

Clear Things About Flexibility of Work Options

While hiring a software developer although you expect him to come every day to the office to do the project work. But these days travelling from home to office takes so much commuting time that many large organizations offer work at home option to most of their developers to increase the productivity and employee satisfaction. Hence clear this thing to the candidate that whether he wants this kind of flexibility or not. By this way you will get the developer available for you 24*7 and this will eventually help in doing projects and meeting deadlines.


We have just discussed the top tips to hire best software developers for your company whether you are a large software development organization or even if you are just a startup and looking to scale up in near future. Also remember that no two situations are same and you need to act proactively while hiring the software developers. The candidates should not only be good in coding, problem solving skills, management and team work skills, have great IQ but they should also have good communication skills, creativity and the ability to think out of the box to solve the problems. You can’t judge all of their talent by just looking at their resume and should give other processes and criteria also due consideration and importance while hiring.

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